How To Use A Clarisonic

How To Use a Clarisonic

This post is based on my own experience of using a Clarisonic Facial Cleansing System. I recently bought a Clarisonic Mia – the most popular of the Clarisonics – so I thought I should share my experience of how to use a Clarisonic.

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Clarisonic Mia Gray

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I really love the Clarisonic Mia Gray. This is the model I have. It is a simple one button, one speed brush that is compact in size. It doesn’t have the charging cradle like the Pro, Classic and Plus models, but rather a simple charger that sort of snaps on and off very easily. This makes the Mia very portable and easy to use.

The brush can be removed by twisting it off, and it is much easier to twist off if you keep the little protective cap on it. I’m sharing the Mia with my daughter and we each have our own brush to so we are constantly changing them.

The Results I’m Getting

I have been using it for only two and half weeks and am seeing a real improvement in my skin. I’ve always had a difficult T-Zone – redness, enlarged pores, blackheads and breakouts. The Clarisonic is really getting this area very clean. Pores are slowly ‘closing up’ (that’s the best way I can describe it). However, a few pores that are stretched out remain the same. The redness is residing and a few bumps between my eyebrows (sort of deep pimples) where I have to pluck are nearly gone. Blackheads are also nearly gone.

Overall my skin is looking great already and I’m looking forward to it getting even better. Most Amazon reviewers state that it takes a couple of months for your skin to get the best results. Many people say that you can get breakouts at the start, but this was not the case for me.

How Often Should I Use My Clarisonic?

This was my biggest question when I first started. The company says once or twice a day for 1 minute, but this was too much for both me and my daughter. I’m currently using it every other day and plan to reduce this to 2 to 3 times per week once I feel that my skin is really cleared out.

My daughter is a pre-teen and she can only use it once a week. Any more causes her irritation.

It is tempting to use the brushes longer than needed because the sonic action feels really good. But beware, over-use causes irritation and perhaps even the break outs that some people experience when using it for the first time. If I were to start again, I would start slow and build up.

Which Brush Should I Use?

This was my second biggest question. The Mia comes with a sensitive brush and I bought an additional delicate brush for my daughter’s more delicate skin. I tried both and found the sensitive was gentler than the delicate so we switched so that my daughter has the most gentle brush. I think this is something you need to try for yourself. If a brush is too much for your face you can always use it on other body areas. I’m going to keep experimenting with the brushes.

Which Cleanser Should I use?

I’m using the cleanser sample that it came with and it works well. I do plan to try others and am thinking of finding a way to combine it with Dr. Hauschka products which I really love because they don’t contain any chemicals and they smell so wonderful!

My Biggest Surprise!

I really love the results I’m getting on my face with only two and a half weeks of use and my biggest surprise is how good it works on my hands! I take it the shower with me once a week and do hands, forearms, decollete and neck. It makes my skin feel really smooth and nice!

I hope you found How To Use A Clarisonic Mia useful. Please leave a comment and share your experience with others.

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